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YOUR REVIEWS MATTER - GOOD OR BAD Bad / Page 1 of 3 By Onbunny Thursday, 25 October 2018, 07:16 Nadine was a little bit sleepy. She had been sleeping for the whole day, but everytime she saw a certain moment in her life, she was reminded of a fact that she really did not like to remember. She was born in a pretty good family and she lived a life of luxury until one day she found out she was pregnant. She had lived a very happy life. Her mother loved her, her sister loved her. She was a good girlfriend to her boyfriend. She had everything that she wanted, but all that changed one day. She decided to stop living the life she was enjoying. She met with her parents, she loved her parents, but they were too drunk to be with her. Her boyfriend did not care about her. She had no friends, so she decided to leave to a place where she was sure she would find what she was looking for. So she had left and was alone in a big empty house. She was living with a bunch of cockroaches and worms. At the moment she was sitting on a bed with a single pillow. She was searching for something to eat, but there was nothing. She had nothing. So, she was crying. She was about to cry again when she heard a noise. She was puzzled because there was no sound. She stood up and was facing a tall thin man. He was beautiful. She wondered what was his name. She tried to remember but it was really impossible. He was a bit scared of her, but when he saw her condition, he felt sorry for her and tried to help her. He went to a place and brought some food. He was at least a bit kind. He asked her to call him Caser. Nadine was a bit surprised that she called him that, but she liked him so she agreed. She started eating. It was nothing really, but it was something. She had been in a situation like this for a month. She ate and ate until she was full, but nothing would help her, so she continued to cry. She was a bit surprised that her tears would not stop. She was having a hard time trying to believe that no one cared about her. The man was still there, he helped her, he was nice to her. She could not




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